Installation process

Engineered wood floors have totally revolutionised the world of real woodflooring. They consist of cross ply layers glued one on top of each other, with a top layer of real wood. They look just like solid wood floors, but their creative construction makes them more stable, more durable and friendlier to your budget!

Sub-floor to be prepared first with an acoustic underlay that has an integrated moisture membrane. Click-lock profile requires hand assembly only, no glue or tools are required unless for cutting or shaping to a space.

Glue-Lock profile requires hand assembly, PVA glue and a damp cloth to wipe away excess. No tools are required unless for cutting or shaping to a space. Expansion gaps (10mm) required around all perimeter edges of an installed floor. These can be concealed with skirting-boards, wooden scotia (finishing trims/beading) or aluminum edging such as door bars and end channels.

Potential Benefits & Maintenance:
• Uniqueness of a genuine timber surface.
• Thick timber wearlayer can be re-sanded and re-coated for complete surface renewal.
• Cheaper to install than solid timber – rapid professional installations.
• No sanding or coating required during installation.